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July 6, 2010


We are excited today to launch our new blog. Here we will update you on what is happening in the Sea of Inventions project and comment on issues that relate to it. As we are in the business of promoting innovation and making the Baltic Sea cleaner though smart technology we will have plenty to comment on.

In the last few days, at the same time as we read the first reports of algal blooms in the Baltic Sea in the papers, Sweden took over the rotating chair of the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM). Environmental minister Andreas Carlgren underlined the importance of strengthening work on implementing the Baltic Sea Action Plan, saying that “all countries around the Baltic Sea must implement their national action plans to reduce emissions of eutrophying substances and other harmful substances”. The Swedish government appointed Ambassador for the Marine Environment Gabriella Lindholm to chair HELCOM during the coming six months and she will no doubt have to stay busy in order to press forward with the ambitious plan.

At the same time, in the very centre of the Baltic Sea, on the island of Gotland, Swedish politicians go head-to-head during the Almedalen Week. With the general election coming up in September, the Almedalen Week marks the point where political debate will reach full-blown intensity. Two days into the week we have yet to hear anything positively surprising when it comes to environmental ambitions.

We hope you will take interest in our project and find it as exciting as we do. Don’t hesitate to contact us with comments or queries.

Best wishes,

Tobias Selin, Project Manager

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