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Environmental areas

To identify areas we believe have good potential for benefitting from the development of new technology, we have used HELCOM’s Baltic Sea Action Plan. Currently our examiners are busy searching through the global patent literature for the areas listed below, a job that will take several months. Once the data has been compiled we will assess and refine the content so that it will be easily accessible in our database, which we will launch in 2011. If you think something is missing from the list, or have other input or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at


Biogas from manure
collecting and processing
heat recuperation
roofs and coverings                   

Extraction of nutrients from the sea
fertiliser production
mussel farming

Improved use of fertilizers

Removal of nutrients from agricultural wastewater


Bycatch reduction


Alternatives to hazardous substances
in biocides and pesticides
in impregnation products 
in flame retarding products

Alternatives to phosphorous substances
in bleaching products
in dishwashing detergents
in laundry detergents

Hazardous substances in small scale combustion

Small-scale treatment of domestic sewage

Industry & Infrastructure

Aeration of sea water
algae removal
in bays
in the ocean
in lakes
chemical or electrically powered
sun or wind powered
wave or tide powered

Beach cleaning

Oil spill control
absorbants and coagulants
absorbing plants
detection of oil spills

Removal of mercury from wastewater

Removal of hazardous substances from waste gases

Removal of nutrients from industrial and municipal wastewater
biological nitrogen removal
biological phosphorous removal
constructed wetlands
ammonia stripping´


Anti-fouling on ships

Reduction of NOx emissions from ships

Treatment of wastewater from ships

Treatment of ballast water

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